Little Guppy Goods!

Feeling gray make your way and we'll make your day at Little Guppy Goods!


Thousand ilend saled


Lovely lettuse doused in our home made thousand ilend dressing

Clam soop


Clams and cheesy broth for those who arn't in the mood for a fishy taste

Tomato soop


localy grown tomatoes and fresh pepers! they also have the choice to come with a small grill cheese


Grilled guppy


You get to choose which guppy to eat right from the tank!



Our best rated dish made with localy caught salmen and fresh lemon sides!

Oister suprise


If you liked the clams wait till you try our Oister! fresh and delishous!


Grape guppy


Grape soda with an ice fish in the glass!

Salmon gut


A half frozen drink that looks like choped salmen and tasts like a fresh orange!

Fishy dishy


a fishbowl looking glass filled with decortive ice and candys for the kids!